Itaipu Binacional - Power Plant

The world's largest power plant in operation is impressive because of its size and exaggerated figures. 

Besides the production of energy, Itaipu Binational completes the scenery with the spectacle, where one can watch the show formed by the waters of Parana river that flows over the spillway.

It was necessary 17 years to conclude the workmanship, and during the peak of the construction, more than 40.000 workers were hired. Itaipu has extension of  7.600 meters and
Capacity of generating 12.600 MK. After the Dam work conclusion in October 1282, several structure gates were closed and thus started the reservoir  filling.

Itaipu artificial lake has an extension of 1350 Km and volume of 29 billion cubic meters. It is considered one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, wich offers several projects of environment development, biological refuges and program of sustainable development.

The promenade starts at the Itaipu Visitors Center where there is a documentary exhibition in Portuguese/Spanish/English of Itaipu history and the plant’s operation.

General Observation:
Itaipu can be visited daily .
Hours of operation: 8 / 9 /10 / 11 / 00/ 1 /2 / 3/ 4 pm.
Duration: 1h30min.
Basic visit recommendations: Sports clothes. 

There is also a special visit inside the spillway with pre established time arranged by Itaipu as far as coast extension visiting.