Macuco Safari - A Thrilling Boat Trip

Iguazu Falls Macuco Safari 


Macuco Safari starts  with  a  3  km  trail  in  a  four – wheel  drive eletric jeep,  where bilingual guides  provide information  about  Flora  and  Fauna of the Park,  that allows the visitors to appreciate the wonderful  view  and  feel  in  close  contact with nature
After that, a 600 meters walking trail leads you to a small waterfall called “Salto do Macuco”
The last, but not least, the upstream boat tour towards the “Devil’s Throat”  in  a bimotor rubber boats, provides you with the most astoundingly beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen.
Inside the Iguassu National Park, Macuco Safari after  arousing  the curiosity  of many ecologists from all over the world , is now one  of  the  most  visited  spots around the falls due to  its  exuberant  fauna  and flora,  protected  since  1938..


Full time experienced tour guides ( in different languages) follows the tourist to give all the information needed. Later on the last 500 meters when is necessary to walk to the river side where   people go on special inflated boats   for a  thirty minute   ride  inside  the  “ Canyon” ,  getting approximately  1  km  far  from the "“Devil’s Throat” , which is the most  amazing  sight  of  the  majestic  Cataratas ,where the Iguassu River  borders with   both  National Parks , from  Brazil  and Argentina. There it  is  possible  to  have  a  full  view  of  the  whole  panorama.

Visiting schedule : Summer – 9.00AM to 5.30 PM
Winter – 8.30AM  to 5.PM
This sightseeing lasts about 1 hour and 40 minutes and  it  is  outdoors, so  if  it rains, it is impossible to enjoy the ride.
Light clothes and appropriate shoes are required.