Nautical Adventure – Iguazu Falls

This a tour that happens on the lower Iguassu River and on the Argentine side of Iguassu Falls interacting with the several waterfalls. After boarding across from San Martín Island on special boats, entering the Iguassu River Canyon, towards Devils’ Throat with an unforgettable baptism in the waters. This tour takes you very close to the most important of the waterfalls and will give you a beautiful sight of the Brazilian side.

Duration: 12 minutes
Recommendations: Light comfortable clothes (swimming suit), tennis shoes and repellent
Wheelchairs: Access not possible
Opening hours: Departure at every 20 minutes, from 9 a.m.
Observation: Depending on the country of origin of visitor, a visa may be required.

Tour is done only as an extension to Iguassu Falls, Argentine side.
Location: Inside the Iguazú National Park, Argentine side