It  is  an  entire  new  concept  of  a  park,  joining  two  ideas :  Ecotourism   and environmental preservation. The total park area is 16,50 Ha, where 4 ha are the facilities and the huge bird cages, the other 12,50 are an environment preserved area.

The Birds Park is  8 km away from downtown  ( Foz do Iguaçu) ,  and  from  800 meters  from  the  park  entrance   it  is  possible  to  through a 800 meters track through the woods  walking through the huge bird cages  completely  integrated to the forest , normally all the visitors get surprised to realize that it is possible to get into these huge bird cages , getting really close to all the birds. Inside  these bird cages it is possible to see native birds,  incredibly  colorful   birds  fly  about and land close to the visitors. The  birds  habitat   are  630  square  meters   e  8 meters high, so they do not feel “ caged” .

There are more than 200 species  of birds  all  around  the park  area ;  such  as macaws, hummingbirds , toucans, hawks, Araras  ( a typical Brazilian bird)  and even the colorful flamingo’s.

The veterinarians that are responsible for the park have developed a new  way to make the birds have a normal reproductive life when caged.

The visitor can also have a view at some reptiles at a big water tank ,  similar to a small lake; there are some fishes, snakes, alligators, turtles  and  some  other reptiles.

It is open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 AM